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Isolex Corporation was formed in 2009. Preceded by Isolex Payment Solutions which was a sole proprietorship that was started in 2007. From the beginning we have maintained one tried and proven concept, "We work for the merchant; not the companies which we have chosen to partner with". Ensuring actual truly value added services for you.


What We Do

Isolex Business Technologies offers business services ranging from web design, leads management systems, back office collaboration software, web hosting, domain registration, website security, business phones systems, and Harbortouch Point of Sale Systems.
Bringing truly Intelligent Solutions for an Electronic Age.


"First and foremost I am a dreamer,

a fountain of resources, an entrepreneur, and a problem solver. I see opportunity amidst hardship and struggle. I am like you; an independent thinker, dedicated, driven, and motivated. I have over 20 years of professional experience to offer."
Jason R. Zachrich, CEO, Isolex Corporation
"Empower people with sharing; be a teacher and a student; Embrace the life around me; Paint the picture."


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